You can find me at farmers markets around Southern NSW and in the ACT, keep up with where I am from week to week on my facebook page, see the link below.


I am passionate about good nutrition, organic & locally sourced food, it just makes sense for me to be creating  products from as many organic ingredients direct from Australian farmers as I could.

All my products are free from processed sugar and each ingredient is chosen for  nutritional value, my traditional muesli has a mix of rolled oats, shredded coconut, almonds, macadamia nuts and my favourite spices, toasted in organic coconut oil. If you are following a paleo, vegan or sugar free lifestyle or are gluten intolerant my granola is perfect for you, packed with flavour, zero nasties.


With so much advise available its hard to know what nutrition advise is right for you.   If you are looking to complement your training, or would like to make changes to improve your lifestyle and health, as a certified nutrition coach i can help you find the right information, to compliment your life and your body.

I offer nutrition advise, help to understanding food labels, healthy lifestyle tips, how to know whats right.

Contact me to find out more.