My life path has been as diverse as it has been fulfilling, with a wonderful farm lifestyle with my husband and two children I have my own business manufacturing and selling muesli and granola. I researched, sourced ingredients direct from Australian farmers, developed and created these products, selling at local farmers markets.

Being passionate about health and fitness and living 35km from the nearest gym or fitness centre, I have had to adapt and learn different methods of training and exercise.

After knee surgery I rehabilitated myself and over time developed training programs and nutrition guides for myself to follow, which resulted in a wonderful learning curve and life journey.

After studying at the Australian Institute of Fitness to become a qualified personal trainer, nutrition and wellness coach I am able to advise on basic principles of nutrition, how to select the correct set of exercises for you to achieve maximum results, devise fitness programs for weight loss, Strength hypertrophy, cardiovascular conditioning, mobility, Train for specific events and rehabilitation. What ever your goals are!

I understand the importance of living a well balanced healthy lifestyle and want to inspire others to live a life that is the best life you can live.